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Med Discovery out-licenses dermatology rights of kallikrein inhibitor

2010-03-01, Med Discovery has out-licensed all dermatology rights of its lead inhibitor to Dermadis SA.

Med Discovery is pleased to announce that it has out-licensed all rights for dermatology of its kallikrein inhibitor MDPK67b. Under the terms of the agreement, Dermadis may develop MDPK67b exclusively for dermatology indications and Med Discovery retains all rights to oncology and all other indications.

There is increasing evidence of the critical involvement of overactivity and imbalance of specific tissue kallikreins in pathological conditions of the skin. It is hoped that the use of novel kallikrein inhibitors may prove helpful in treatment of conditions such as Netherton syndrome, and potentially also in acute atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Confirming this interest, Med Discovery recently received Orphan Drug designation for its kallikrein inhibitor MDPK67b in Netherton syndrome. Med Discovery is out-licensing these indications to Dermadis to ensure that dermatology indications receive the proper resourcing, and to allow Med Discovery to keep its focus on the promising oncology indications for this molecule.

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